What We Do

Kiwanis de Amigos Relays

The Kiwanis de Amigos Relays is a track and field event for Middle Schools in Tucson and Southern Arizona. The event is held each April at Drachman Stadium at the University of Arizona. The event is open to boys and girls track and field teams and participation is free. Registration is now open for the 20th Annual Kiwanis de Amigos Relays (Saturday April 13th) at Athletic.net. Complete rules, important documents and additional information is available by clicking HERE. 

Rattlesnake Run

The Rattlesnake Run is a cross country event for Middle Schools in Tucson and Southern Arizona. The event is held each September at Christopher Columbus Park in Tucson. The event is open to boys and girls cross country teams and participation is free.

Key Club Sponsorships

Large square wight conference table surrounded by scientists wearing t-shirts and jeans displaying a small satellite

Our Kiwanis club supports the Key Club at Sabino Key Club at the Sabino High School.

K-Kids Sponsor


K-Kids is the largest service organization for elementary school students, with more than 985 clubs worldwide. K-Kids was originally developed by and modeled after Kiwanis International. Kiwanis de Amigos has sponsored a K-Kids club at Tucson’s Douglas Elementary School since 2010. The K-Kids discover their passion to serve, desire to lead and their ability to engage and collaborate with others to better the school and community. The 5th and 6th graders learn leadership through service. They take on the responsibility of running their club with the help and guidance of a teacher and a club advisor as they plan and participate in community service projects such as assisting the elderly with chores or organize community food drives.    

       Our K-Kids serve their school by sponsoring a Winter Coats Exchange, help the Salvation Army’s Christmas holiday dinner by creating center pieces. They have conducted fund-raising drives, selling sunglasses and water bottles, and donating proceeds to elderly facilities and the local Animal Care Center.

Flowing Wells Family Resource Center

For several years Kiwanis de Amigos has been contributing support to the Flowing Wells Family Resource Center by purchasing needed clothing and personal items for students, and domestic supplies and foodstuff for them and their families each month or a total of about $2500 each year.

      The mission of the Flowing Wells Family Resource Center program is to improve educational opportunities by removing some of the barriers to student success. Providing families with resources for basic social, educational, health and mental health services ensure that children come to school ready to learn.

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